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While we are mostly from Australia/New Zealand, we welcome like-minded, mature gamers from around the world.

Oceanic Gaming is home to Rusted World and Oceanic ARK.

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Hey all!

Check out Steep; a new multiplayer, sports game where you can ride a massive open world of the Alps and Alaska, where the powder is always fresh and the run never ends.

Defy and master the world’s most epic mountains on skis, wingsuit, snowboard, and in paraglide.

Go solo or drop in side by side with other players.

Dare your friends to try out your custom lines, then challenge the world to beat your best tricks and relive your most epic wipeouts.

The open beta can be found on Steam and is open for this weekend only until the game gets fully released in mid December! Let us know if you'll be playing! View more information about Steep...
Conan Exiles has released an update on progress with some pretty screenshots!

To summarise the article:

"Conan Exiles is still on track for its January 2017 Early Access release. In addition to updating the game’s look and feel we’ve added more creatures, tools and items, and lore to the game in the past few months. Furnaces, tanning benches and other crafting machines have been implemented to expand the crafting opportunities for players. There’s been significant changes to combat, which now feels more responsive and impactful. We’ve also mo-capped and redone some of the character animation because we felt it wasn’t up to snuff in its original state.

The much fabled thrall system has recently been implemented and is working as intended. This is one of the things that truly sets us apart from other games in the same genre, and we’re very excited to see everyone’s reactions. There are still a few tricks left up our sleeves you’ve yet to see.

You will be seeing plenty more of the game in the next two months as we release new screenshots, gameplay videos and some big announcements. There will also be weekly community streams and online Q&As."

We look forward to seeing this game and it's potential within the Survival genre.

Oceanic Gaming will be hosting Dedicated, Reliable Servers for Conan Exiles On Launch Day!


(Images can be seen in the forum thread)
Coming soon!

ARK PVP :: Volcano Map


Our TS3 Server Permissions are bugged, and there is a lot of clutter on the current server, with channels, groups and bans. We have been rebuilding our TS3 Server over the past few days and we will be moving over to it later tonight.

The IP and Port does NOT change.

Your Server Groups will NOT be retained. (They are going to be used to identify Staff)

Your Private Channels will need to be re-created, and we will be online to make sure that this happens quickly and smoothly.

If you have content in your channel's file browser, could I ask that you make a copy of it, and also your channel descriptions (these are important to some people).



ARK has just launched their new DLC, Scorched Earth.

We are currently experimenting and working with the mods we use, to ensure a smooth process for players.

We will be hosting the following servers (they work in a linked/tethered mode):

ARK PVE 10x - TheCenter
ScorchedOceanic|PVP|5x|02/09|NoLag [ONLINE]
ScorchedOceanic|PVE|10x|04/09|NoLag [ONLINE]

Will let you know when we know more.


Star Citizen just announced their Alpha 3.0!

Expected to be playable by public at the end of 2016, Chris Roberts and the team at RSI have delivered at this presentation.

It's felt like somewhat of a lifetime, since the good old days of Microsoft Freelancer, and now the upcoming release of Star Citizen, it's good to finally see some further development come to fruition.

Have a watch of the video and let us know your thoughts?

Ready to go boots on the ground at the dawn of all-out war? It's almost time – the Battlefield 1 Open Beta begins on August 31 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Origin for PC.
Community Update


Over the past few months, the Admin Team have been planning and scheming a community 're-brand'. You might think, "a re-brand?, why would we do that?"

Well, here's a few reasons why we have decided on this route, and how we intend to achieve the end goal.

Hello Everyone,

We've had to shut down our servers while our provider installs new hardware into our Dedicated Server.

We expect this to take about 20 minutes.

Apologies for the lack of notice, we only found out ourselves today.


Conan Exiles has had a game-play trailer released this week, with a lot of speculation of both good and the bad. With some mixed reviews, it seems that we won't know how good this game is, until we see some more footage, or play the game ourselves.

None the less though, it looks like another great survival game, and is a good alternative to zombies, and dinosaurs!